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Our essence is to create ties that connect people and brands.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


At MERAKI, we love to create ties that connect people and brands.

Our results are based on providing unique experiences while placing content at the heart of every marketing and PR campaign. Great content is what drives visibility, credibility and results for our clients.

MERAKI takes a creative and targeted approach to marketing communication and ensures each campaign fits the Dutch market requirements as well as the individual needs of our clients and delivers the results they are aiming for.

Being a small agency we are always able to provide a very personal, efficient and friendly service at a senior level. We have a clear vision to deliver inspirational marketing and PR campaigns driven by experts with integrity and passion, whom frankly like to challenge our clients.

MERAKI is run with a thorough understanding of the wine industry with excellent trade and media contacts.


(n.) to do something with soul, creativity or love; the essence of yourself that is put into work